About us

Hospitably since 1845

The history of Gościniec pod Gruszą began in 2009. However, the farmhouse where the Gościniec is located has a much longer history, dating back to 1845, which you can see from the date stamp uncovered on the keystone of the building during restoration.


We have been able to reconstruct this history to the days before World War I, when the region was part of Prussia, and the house was owned by the family of Margrete Eckhardt.

Descendants of the German owners visited us in 2011, when we started our first renovation work.

During the summer and winter holidays, near and distant relatives came to visit and spent their free time together.

After the national borders were changed in 1945, the building became home to the family of Wiktoria and Felix Kramarz and their four children. Here, they grew up and raised two generations of descendants.


Within the walls of the house could often be heard the sounds of typical campfire songs, whilst the ceramic stoves warmed the frozen hands of wanderers. Many times, the scout group founded by the grandson of the Kramarz?s would spend their summer and winter camps hosted in the house.


This rich home life ended at the end of the 1980s. Over the next 20 years, the house had no permanent residents, became empty and slowly fell into disrepair, waiting for a better time.

In 2009, the current owners of the house found themselves inspired by the lyrics of the well-known ballad sang years ago:


? a dom mój bardzo lubi, gdy
śmiech ściany mu rozjaśnia?


“And my home really likes it when laughter brightens its walls”


These words became the motto which drove the renovation of the old building and the foundation on which the guesthouse was built.


It took five years of bright ideas, hard work and struggle against adversity to achieve this dream, but today we can invite and accommodate all those wishing to spend time in the Kaczawskie foothills, looking for a friendly place to stay.


? wpadnijcie na parę chwil kiedy los Was zawiedzie w te strony ,
bo dom mój otworem stoi dla takich jak Wy?.


?Pop in for a moment or two when Fortune brings you this way, as my house is open to those like you?
One quiet and unique resident has borne witness to the vicissitudes of this home in Stara Kraśnica: the pear tree which stands in front of the house, and has accompanied its owners from the beginning of the 20th century.

Home and environment

The grounds around the guesthouse follow a typical design for agricultural estates in this region, consisting of a large courtyard bordered by farm buildings on three sides. The guesthouse is one of these three buildings, which we were able to renovate and open for guests. Our plans are to renovate the other two buildings at a later date.

Despite the location of the guesthouse in fairly close proximity to the road, the location and the style of the building, with solid build and thick walls, ensure that your visit will be quiet and safe.

The courtyard has also been renovated and redesigned for the use of our guests. There is ample space for parking, as well as space for relaxation and recreation in the fresh air with a panoramic terrace and barbecue. There is still a little more to do, to make the courtyard match our final vision, but it is already a lovely refuge and the coming months of spring and summer will ensure the area around the guesthouse will became cosier and greener. 50 meters below the guesthouse, flows the River Kaczawa ,which is a great spot for fishing.

There are some spectacular landscapes worth visiting around our guesthouse. There are hiking trails throughout the Kaczawskie foothills that are beautiful every season of the year.

For lovers of the Karkonosze, there are panoramic views of the mountains from several points around the guesthouse

What makes us different

Lower Silesia hides many secrets for everyone, secrets of history, geology and culture. The current inhabitants of this region, as it is today, injected into this land their own traditions and customs from all sides of pre-war Poland. These days, those who once had to leave this region, can return and find here a collage of the old and new.

Discover the magic of the earth to experience its beauty.

Being in a place that has managed to maintain the atmosphere of past times, whilst offering a bit of luxury enclosed in an old form

You can find us easily, on the road from Świerzawa to Jelenia Gora.

Interiosr Design by Paulina Adamiec- Pośpiech, Laboratorium Wnętrz.

Hospitality with tradition.

Once, many years ago, in front of the house …


And after 45 years …