Hospitality with traditions

2009 The story of Pear Tree Guest House began I 2009

although the history of the house in which Pear Tree Guest House is located is much longer, as indicated by the date 1845 discovered on the entrance portal.

We managed to reconstruct the 170-year history of the house before the First World War, when the host of this place was the Margrete Eckhardt family.

After changing borders in 1945, this house became the hometown of the family of Wiktoria and Feliks Kramarz and their 4 children. Raised and lived here for two generations.Witin the walls of this house there were sounds of tourist songs and the frozen hands of wanderers were warmed at the tiled stoves. Many a time it hosted many scouts from the scout group founded by the grandson of the hosts, who spent their camping and wintering grounds at this place.

In 2009, the current homeowners, the words of a ballad sung years ago,

” And my house very much likes it when the laughter of the wall brightens it”

became the motto of the thought taken upon the renovation of the old building and the foundation on which Pear Tree Guest House was built.

Five years of ideas, work and struggle with adversity passed, and today you can invite and welcome all those who want to spend time in the Kaczawskie Foothills, looking for a friendly place.

” stop by for a few moments when fate fails you, because my house is open to people like you”.

A silent and exceptional witness to the changing fate of the house in Stara Kraśnica was and still is a pear tree that has accompanied its household members since the beginning of the 20th century.

The rich life of the house froze at the end of the 1980s. For the next 20 years, no one stayed there permanently, and the house was empty and slowly fell into ruin, waiting for better times.

The House and its surroundings

The area around the Guest House is typical of a farm building, whose characteristic feature is the internal, large courtyard surrounded by buildings on three sides.

In one of these buildings there are rooms for our guests that we were able to renovate first. For 5 years, they host all those who decided to relax in the Land of Extinct Volcanoes.

We took on another building three years later, and our enterprise became the development of an old barn into a large room with kitchen facilities. Since May 2019 it is from there that we serve our guests meals prepared by us.

The last – and the largest of our farm buildings has gained a new facade and no longer scares anyone with its appearance. We are still, however, puzzled as to its purpose. Ideas and suggestions from our guests will in time confidently direct our activities and it will become a place of its new as yet undiscovered destiny.

Espite the location of the Guest House being only a short distance from the road, this type of building provides silence and security for guests staying in it.

The courtyard of the farm is tidy and adapted to receive guests. There is a sufficiently large car park, a place has been created for rest and recreation in the open air with a viewing terrace and the possibility of barbecues

At a distance of 50 metres down from the Guest House, flows the Kaczawa River, which allows fishing enthusiasts to pursue their passion.

Areas around worth seeing. Are Tourist trails of the Kaczawskie Foothills, beautiful every season, for lovers of Mountains the Karkonoszy panorama is visible from several viewpoints in close proximity to the Guest House.

What makes us stand out

Lower Silesia has many secrets for everyone. Secrets of the history, geology and culture. People who are the hosts here today have instilled in this land their family traditions and customs from various parts of the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Those who have left these lands today find here a collage of what is left and what is now new.

Discover the magic of this land and absorb its beauty

Pear Tree Guest House gives you the chance to stay in a place where the atmosphere of past times is preserved and provides a little bit of luxury captured in the old form.