Spend your holiday at The Pear Tree Guest House

In the magical Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Summer holidays 2022 - dates of booking the stay

4.07 – 11.07 (7 days of stay)
11.07 – 18.07 ((7 days of stay)
18.07 – 25.07 (7 days of stay)
25.07 – 01.08 (7 days of stay)
1.08 – 11.08 (10 days of stay)
14.08 – 19.08 (5 days of stay)
23.08 – 30.08 (7 days of stay)

Holidays in the Sudetes with your family is a good way to get to know Lower Silesia and the secrets it offers. Our areas, i.e. the Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills called the Land of Extinct Volcanoes, are located away from large cities and the hustle and bustle that prevails there. Surrounded by small, picturesque villages and ubiquitous greenery you will the feel of a real, rural rest. Our guest house is located in Stara Kraśnica, at the foot of the Kaczawskie Mountains being the heart of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes. Our terrrain remains authentic and beautiful.

If you are looking for a real rest in the spirit of slow tourism this is the place for you. Here you will find true relaxation!

In the forests and fields you will come across real wild animals, hares, deer, roe deer, wild boars and flocks of mouflons. You will hear the song of hundreds of birds wonderfully accompanying the sound of the wind. You will also hear the loud buzzing of bees among the flowers and the treetops. And in the evenings, when the heat subsides and a pleasant wave of cooler air drifts in, you will hear the chirping of crickets while sitting by the fire or BBQ, resting after a whole day discovering the secrets of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes in Lower Silesia.

The Guest House is close to the beautiful Karkonosze trails, modern bicycle tracks, mysterious places of the Land of Extinct Volcanoes

Our region is not only a historical place, palaces, castles, mines, adits or museums. The Kaczawskie Mountains and Foothills as well as the Sudetes are a great place for hiking with family and friends, as well as rafting on the Bóbr. The trails are easy and accessible and the routes offer an unforgettable experience. You will see dense forests, huge, colourful fields, huge rocks and remains of volcanoes.

In the nearby quarries you will have the opportunity to experience the search for agates, amethysts and other beautiful semi-precious stones.

If you are interested in geology, archeology, history or nature or just want to see interesting places, Land of Extinct Volcanoes is just for you.

Lower Silesia has many secrets that are just waiting to be discovered

In The Sudeten Educational Farm you will learn about the history of the earth and the region, experience the earthquake, see for yourself how the landscape was shaped during the three largest periods of volcanism (from a vantage point) and see in the eco-museum in Dobków and the surrounding area real Sudeten villages, which have remained unchanged for years. Following the trails you will feel freedom and peace and you will reach the tops of extinct volcanoes, from which you will see magnificent panoramas of the area. There are no intrusive advertisements, plastic or people screaming from stalls.

Our region is characterized by a large density of castles and palaces as well as all kinds of places where we can observe human activity from ancient times

There are countless castles, palaces, limestone, adits and quarries. Everyone will find something for themselves. Fans in the search of military history and World War II, and nature lovers.

Many of them are located a short distance from the Inn.

We offer our guests comfortable rooms

Each room has a private, spacious bathroom and free internet access.
On the ground floor there is a large, public room with a 60 ″ TV + Xbox, projector with screen and a place to spend time with a larger family and friends.

There is a dedicated room especially for families with young children

There they can play in the company of other children surrounded by colourful toys and games. And when the weather is good which is not an uncommon occurrence during the holidays, all the kids can have fun in our backyard playground when the parents are quietly barbecuing nearby.